This choke is locked in, there may be no escape

BJJ-Choke escapes

Well…. Today was an awesome day at the gym.  We started out with warmups.  We needed to find a guy that was about our same size and then we did … Continue Reading →

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-Arm Bar

I arrived at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym and met with the owner.  He knew me from a previous job where we were co workers.  He allowed me to participate in … Continue Reading →

The beginning of a new era…

Ladies and gentlemen, I have decided that it is time for me to start training.  I have always wanted to train in some sort of martial art and today is … Continue Reading →


224 x 34

I have been strained trying to figure out a new weight goal for myself.  I weighed in this morning and the scale reared it’s ugly eyes and showed me a … Continue Reading →

Fat loss by exhaling

Fat Loss

The other day I was perusing the internet and I came upon an interesting article.  It talked about ways the body gets rid of fat after it is “burned” from … Continue Reading →


Bicycle, Bicycle

About two years ago I received an awesome birthday present from my sweet wife.  I got a bicycle with all the bells and whistles!  Ok no bells, or whistles but … Continue Reading →

Weight lifting to lose weight

Weight Lifting 2

Any one who knows me knows I really like to lift weights.  Why you ask?  I’ll let Arnold explain that.  Since I lost a ton of weight I have felt … Continue Reading →

Weigh In

Weigh In

It’s a new day and with that a new weigh in.  Today’s weigh in is a little disappointing but I am an eternal optimist.  Tomorrow is a new day and … Continue Reading →



As a marriage and family therapist I often encounter one of the most detrimental things in a marriage:  Homeostasis.  What is homeostasis? That is a good question and I am … Continue Reading →


Gym Membership

When I was in college I got a membership to golds gym and I started going with my bodybuilding roommates (Jared and Eric).  The first few weeks was torture because … Continue Reading →

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