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Hello family, friends and world!

***UPDATE 07/28/2015*****I have decided to update this blog.  I will continue to talk about weight loss but I will focus more on my journey through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  I have always wanted to grapple and learn moves to defeat my opponents and now I will train for that.

This weight loss blog is intended to help jump start my journey to losing more weight and becoming a healthier person .   When I started in August of 2012 I was very motivated, but I seem to have lost my steam in the last few months.  My hope is I can receive encouraging comments and document my progress so that I can get back on track and start towards my goal weight of 210.

Here’s a little about me.

My name is Tim and I work as a Marriage and Family Therapist in Utah.  I grew up in California and moved to Utah in 2004 to pursue my education, after graduating I met my wife and decided to settle down.  I was in graduate school and, for an assignment, I filmed myself doing therapy.  I showed the video in front of the class and while watching the video of myself I noticed I had gained a lot of weight and I was huge.  I was having serious acid reflux problems, I could not walk up stairs without breathing hard, all of my XXL shirts were popping and my size 40 pants wouldn’t fit.

I weighed 320.5 pounds.

I wasn’t depressed nor did I have any issues with self confidence.  Let’s be honest, i’ve always been and always will be a sexy beast. More than anything I was very concerned with my health and I had the fear of contracting diabetes, since it runs in my family.

One day I was visiting with a client, and with all of my weight on my mind (pun intended), I was talking about improving the client’s overall function in life.  At that moment it dawned on me…I needed to improve my life.  I needed to lose weight, so I did, I lost 70 pounds and then I stopped.

That is where I am.  A person who wants to improve himself and his health.  I hope I can get going on this journey and I hope I can inspire others to do the same.  Let me know if you have any specific questions about me and I will try to answer them in the blog.


I am a fan of pro wrestling and sometimes I make obscure wrestling quotes.



  • New Fan says:

    Hi Tim. I just found your website via a link on Facebook. Thanks for sharing your story; I can definitely relate. I’m starting at 320 myself, and I had the same grad school videotape experience you did (I just didn’t do anything about it. . . until now).

    I will be checking back regularly and look forward to watching your progress. I hope to catch up to you soon!

  • Tim says:

    Thanks so much for your support. It’s a long road but i’m getting it done.

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