BJJ-Choke escapes

This choke is locked in, there may be no escape

This choke is locked in, there may be no escape

Well…. Today was an awesome day at the gym.  We started out with warmups.  We needed to find a guy that was about our same size and then we did tandem warmups.  The first warm up was crazy and difficult.  I needed to have another dude stradle me and I then ran the length of the mat.  The dude got on my back and I ran back.

After that I needed to stradle the dude and he had to do the run.  It was exhausting and, oddly, titllating :)

The next warm up excersice was an bear crawl with the dude on my back.  That was pretty easy.

Next was a strange move where the guy held my back and I needed to sit and rotate accross the mat while he held onto me.  It was tough.  After that I had to hold to him and do the same.  Even more tough and I hurt my foot when he rolled.

The next warmup was a wheel barrel walk where the person walking on their hands needed to pull the person holding the feet.  This wasn’t too shabby.  All in all I think I did well for my size, I definitely have the strength part down but I have very little skill in technique.  I guess that’s why I am taking the class.

All of the warmups wore me out and we were only 15 minutes into the training session.


The next moves were choke escapes, we needed to practice excaping a rear choke while standing up.  We did a few drills and then we practiced tossing the opponent.  While tossing the opponent we held onto the arm and performed an arm bar.

The toss wasn’t too bad but the arm bar was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.  We had to practice multiple times to get the right hold to get a tapout.  After practicing that move we were clost to the end and the instructor wanted to teach us a special move.

He instructed us on how to get out of a rear choke when the opponent is leaning back.  I put my leg back and turned a 180 on the opponent’s outside.  That positioned me into an americana lock where, when I bowed to my sensei, ( my opponent fell down onto his back and I placed him into the armbar.

All in all it was an awesome class and I learned a lot.  I still dont feel confident for mat time but I know that will come soon.


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