BJJ-Cross Collar choke

Tonight was the first night our team choke hazard was back in uniforms.  Lets just say, we lived up to the name team choke hazard.


We started with a different variation of warmup.  The teacher taught balance and base while we were transitioning and passing guard.  It was simple but got the bodies warm.


After warmups we learned how to do a cross collar choke.  Holy crap, this move is very effective.  I was almost choked out multiple times.  We were then taught a defense and a counter defense.  The neat thing about the choke were the posistion of the hands and the wiper blades way of moving your legs.  After the lesson we played a game where we rolled with each other for 2 minutes with one hand and no hands.  It was a blast!

The roll:

I took it a little easy tonight.  I wanted to practice from the bottom position by shrimping a lot.  I also wanted to try a butterfly guard.  It was difficult and I got rolled but it was fun.

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