BJJ-Full Mount From Side Position

Full mountWhat’s up fellow BJJ friends!

Saturdays class was awesome as usual.  We had the Professor Paul Tom come and instruct us on basic Techniques.


We started the warm up with front rolls, back rolls, lunge squats, break falls and recovery.  I did pretty well with the exception of the recovery after the break fall.  I leanred a new way to recover so that I stayed upright and ready to defend myself.

The Lesson:

The lesson started with a short talk about the grand master Flavio Berhing and his style of Jiu Jitsu.  We then went to work with learning how to pass the opponents guard from side position to place us into the full mount.

I started by puting my left elbow in the neck and my right hand on the ground and placing my armpit in the neck of my opponent.  I then lift up on my side and place my weight on my left foot.  I put my right foot over and hook the knees and let the opponent pull me into full mount.  Easy enough right?

But what if they put their foot on their knee to block me?  Easy!  I hold my toes and drag my foot over their stomach and place it on the ground.

We practiced the moves for a while and then the professor had us get in a line.  He placed the black belts on the ground and asked the students to try to pass their guards.  Let’s just say, we tried.  I was unsuccessful on multiple ocasions.  I mean i’m new so it’s ok.

The Roll:

After the lesson we particiapted in a group roll.  We lined up on different sides and rolled with the other for 3 minutes.  Did 20 push ups and 30 situps and rolled with the next person in line.  The highlight of the expereince for me was rolling with a black belt and a blue belt.  I was able to see the difference in styles and abilities.  I was unable to move the black belt and I couldn’t do much with the blue belt.  It was a blast and I learned a lot.  I will do it again next saturday and see what happens.

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