BJJ-Half Guard Escapes

Hello again my fellow peeps.  Tonight was definitely a great night for Jiu Jitsu.  Here’s a run down of what I learned.


Unfortunately I had to work late so I was not there for the warm up.  I stretched and did a few jumping jacks to get warm.  I should have done more but you work with what you have.


The Lesson

Today we learned how to escape a half guard.  I started by getting into the half guard position and having the guy on the bottom squeeze my leg.  I then placed my head on the mat by the guy’s hip.  I put my shoulder into his stomach so he couldn’t sweep me.  I then put my hands under his thighs and locked them.  When I have a good hold I kicked my leg out and placed it over his leg and squeezed them together.  I them climbed up his sternum and got into a full mount.

The second position I put my shoulder on the neck of my opponent, placed my arm out to stabilize to the side and got on my tippy toes and I wiggle my leg out until he only has my foot.  From there I can transition or let him keep my foot and work on a submision.

The third poistion was a counter to a figure four leg lock on the leg.  It was simple.  I just stood up and his legs were stuck and hurting.

The fourth position was a shimmy into side control.  I would shimmy my leg out while keeping my weight on the opponent.

The fifth position was a roll.  I would place my hands on his arms, move one arm onto the ground and follow my hand through the hole my arm made.  That would roll me and my opponent and I could take his back.

The final position was a bit of a trick.  I would get my knee onto his stomach and then sit.  I would hold onto his shoulder and neck and wait for him to move.  Once he moved I would kick my leg out and use it to push me into the full mount.

That was pretty much it and we were able to practice those moves.

The Roll

After the lesson I had the opportunity to roll with some teammates.  It was a blast!  The highlight of the night was when I practiced the roll move and I was able to roll my opponent and take his back!  That was awesome and he comented that he was not expecting it.

All in all I have to say this jiu jitsu thing is rockin!  See you after next class.

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