BJJ-Standing T control

Hello again all of myh Jiu Jitsu fans and athletes.  Today’s class was a little bit of self defense against punches and kicks.


Warm up:

We started with the basic front roll and back roll.  I feel myself getting way better at those rolls.  It’s almost like I have been eating rolls and I have a lot of rolls so it’s only natural I learn to roll.  :)

We then did front lunges while dragging our back leg to an up poistion.  After that we did back falls with a break and two shrimps to the up position.

The next warm up was a crawl to a sprawl and then a push up.  After he push up we brought our knees to our chests and started all over.

During the last warm up the teacher wanted us to practice a chess game where we got into a position with a partner, closed our eyes and tried to atempt a pass or submission.

The warm ups felt good and I was ready for the lesson.


The Lesson:

The teacher started by prepping us for self defense and he started to talk about a fighting situation.  We started in the standing position and were prepared to take a punch or kick.  The first move we kicked the opponent’s thigh three times and then went for a 4th kick where we grazed the thigh and went into a standing “T” hold.  That is where we grab the arm above the elbow and place our other arm around the back.  We could then put our hips into his hips and place our head on his chest. From this position we are trying to take down and there are a couple of techniques to use.


Judo Throw

Judo Throw  Great video on this.

The head lock throw:

So your opponent decided to try to head lock you.  Well…. You place your feet in front of his, put your butt towards his crotch, lift your butt and throw to the ground while maintaining arm lock.  It was actually pretty easy to do and wasy to take the fall.

The facing you pull down:

Your oppoenent decides to face you and think, nope! Not in my house.  You can place your foot by his foot and pull him down.  While you pull him down make sure you put your hand down and then get the full mount when you hit the ground. The video shows it a little different.


The trying to get away takedown:

This was my favorite of the night.  It was real easy.  If the opponent tries to pull away you simply put your foot by his pulling foot and lead him down with your head and take his arm for the armbar.

That was the lesson in a nut shell and I have to rack my brain with small techniques so I can get it right next time.


The Roll:

We had a rolling session and I got rolled and subitted a lot.  I am learning to apply skills but I am getting rolled like crazy.  We’ll see how Saturday goes.


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