BJJ-Takedown Defense and Rolling

Hello again everyone, I had a blast in my training this Saturday!  I’ll just jump right into it.



So we started the lesson with a set of warmups.  The first indiviudal warm up was a type of leg stretch fall, I cant remember the name.  Then we went forward on our front knee while draggin our back leg up.  After that we did the same leg exercise but transitioned to putting the back leg in front of the front knee and falling face first on the mat.  It was great fun!  After the individual exercises the instructor wanted to do a relay type race while warming up. Our first exercise was front rolls all the way to the end of the mat and then back rolls back.  We then did Shrimps, a strange but effective ab workout, and backwords bear crawls.

That was it.  I was feeling warm and my muscles were feeling less sore.


The Lesson

After warmup the instructor went right into the lesson for the day.  He started by showing us a single leg takedown defense.  My partner tried the take down and I put my leg behind his and pushed his head away.  We practiced that a couple of times.

We then transitioned the head push to a head choke.  While pushing the head away I placed our arm underneath my partner’s neck until my hand was on top of head.  Then my chin was placed on the back of his head while my free hand locked with my other hand.  Holy crap! This choke hurt from the minute my partner’s arm went underneath my neck.  I tapped out plenty of times.

We practiced that move for a while until we got it down.  After practicing we transitioned that move into being taken down while holding the position.  The instructor didn’t make us follow through the entire technique but asked that try it once to see how it felt.  IT FELT HORRIBLE!    So we practiced that a few time while letting go on the take down.

The instructor advised us against letting an oppponent in so close and taught us his “fun” technique, which was pretty fun.  My partner would go for the single leg takedown and I couldn’t get my foot behind his leg.  I put my leg out in front of his and pushed his head away.  While holding his head I would go down and place my free leg behind his knees and scissor.  That would cause a takedown with control of the leg.  I would then enter my partner into a leg lock.  We practiced that a few times and got pregressively better after each time.  It was totally wicked!

That was pretty much it for the lesson so we bowed to the masters and then we bowed to each other and we were done….  Of course, then came the fun part.


After every class there is an hour where you can practice your moves and grapple with a partner.  The instructor puts on a timer and you can grapple the amount of time you would have in a match.

The rules:

Start from your knees.

Shake hands.


Tap before it hurts.

Let your partner out of the move when he/she taps.

Start from your knees.

Dont get pissed when you get rolled by someone half your size.


Ok, now that I knew the rules I was ready for my first rolling adventure.  Please note:  I weigh 260 and I have a little muscle behind my fat so rolling with me should be difficult.

The first man I rolled with was a beginner but had a about a month’s more experience.  He and I grappled and I tried various moves and sweeps.  I was able to mount him but he swept me.  He submitted me with an armbar and we started again.  HOLY CRAP!  What a rush.  We rolled for a few more minutes and then the bell rang.

The second opponent had been doing Jiu Jitsu for a while and had some experience.  He and I started rolling and he was not that interested in grappling.  He showed me some moves and helped me work on my mount transitions.  It was a great lesson and I’m glad he was so willing to help me.  He helped me get out of his guard and onto side control.

The third opponent was an experienced Jiu Jitsu technition about 170 lbs.  He told he was preparing for a tourney and said we could go full.  So I did… And… I got rolled…. and swept…. and submitted.    Multiple times.  It was a rush.  I would get into his guard and even pass to side control but he always found a way to arm lock me or sweep me.  The shining moment was when I got him into side control and I attempted the Americana.  I had it locked but he didn’t tap.  I got tired and he was able to sweep me and arm lock me.

I had the arm in the position but I wasn’t putting enough force on his elbow while lifting.  Something I learned a little later.

The fourth and last opponent was a man who was about my size and this was his first class.  I rolled him and swept him and submitted him.  He was brand new and had no idea about anything so I took a few moments to teach him what I knew.  It was awesome building my self confidence back with him.  :p

So yeah, that was Saturday’s lesson.  It was awesome from beginning to end.

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