Brazilian Jiu Jitsu-Arm Bar

I arrived at the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gym and met with the owner.  He knew me from a previous job where we were co workers.  He allowed me to participate in the class and see what was going on.  I joined in and we started with some warm ups.  The warm ups weren’t too difficult but they made me breath hard.  After the lesson he told me to return for the next class.  I did.

That class was today.  I arrived to the gym and I met the owner again.  He had the team line up and start our warm ups.  I struggled doing a roll over to stop but a couple of members helped me.  After the warm ups he had us practice an armbar to a mount.

Holy crap!   You watch the experts do it in the UFC and you think, “I can do that”.  Well let me tell you, it’s freaking hard!  I watched my partners do the move and then I tried.  First of all, I am not flexable at all so I struggled with the S mount.  I applied the arm bar and tried to set it.  I failed….miserably.  I tried a few more times and then I let my partner try it on me.  Sure enough, he landed it and I tapped.

After doing that move for a while we learned to continue to arm bar when the opponent was locking their fingers.  Once again, I applied the S mount and I went to work, I got the finger lock undone but I still struggled with the arm bar.  Luckily I had a great teammate who helped me work through it.

We practiced for a while and then learned how to transition from an armbar to a choke.  I cant recall the name of it but the just is I needed to put the top of my foot on the opponent’s neck and move forward.  That was actually a lot easier than the other ones and I found I picked it up a little better.

Overall, it was a blast and I can feel the addiction rising.  I talked to the owner and he was not pushy at all.  I decided I would join the class and I paid the fee.

That was probably the most difficult part of the class.  I have to pay $75 a month to learn the techniques and get tapped out.  Honestly, I think it’s worth that and then some.  I’ll keep you posted after the next class.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

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