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So i’ve been missing in action for the last two weeks and I have to update you all on what’s been going on.

In life we encounter times when we have to make crucial choices that could change our future and our lives.  Some of these choices are easy, for example: someone offers me drugs I have a choice and I always say no.  (I never really get offered drugs but you get the point.) Other times the decisions aren’t so easy.

Recently I interviewed for a position as a therapist at a different facility.  My wife and I were thinking about moving cities and this opportunity arose.  Well… to make a long story short, I was offered the job and I had to debate whether or not to uproot my family and move to a different location.

This decision was a difficult one and I spent a few nights praying and asking for holy guidance and I took my wife to the different city to explore our options.  Up until Monday we were mentally ready to move down and begin a new chapter in our lives but it did not feel right spiritually.  There was a little bit of anxiety and promptings for me to keep my family in our current city.

My wife and I disagreed on the prompting which caused more anguish and stress.  Ultimately we talked about it and made the decision to stay put and continue building our roots and practice.

Weight Loss Choices

I talk about these choices to emphasize the difficult choice it is to lose weight and to choose the correct foods every hour of everyday.  When you are stressed, or at least when I am stressed, I make some really horrible food choices.  Instead of eating the healthy salad that fills me up and gives me the nutrients I need, I eat the hamburger that is loaded in fat and calories.  Instead of riding my bicycle I sit and watch TV and stress about the life choice I have to make.

 The reality of it is, the food and exercise choices I make are the most life changing choices I will ever make.

If I don’t choose the correct foods I will stay obese and I will be at higher risk for hear disease, diabetes, and all of the other ailments obese people suffer from.  If I don’t choose to exercise I will not energy to run around with my growing child or to stay at the top of my game in my profession.  My weight loss choices are the most important choices I will make at this time in my life.  I will make better choices and I will not let excuses like stress and anxiety hinder my progress.


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