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Hey everyone!

I, like most guys, really hate clothes shopping.  As a matter of fact, I loathe clothes shopping!  There are two reasons for my hatred of buying clothes.  

1) Clothes are too high priced!   For anyone who knows me they know i’m a tight wad and I hate spending money.

2) The only clothes that fit me were the ones in big and tall and that wasn’t because I was tall…

When I started to lose wight the first time I noticed my clothes were getting too big and I needed to supplement my wardrobe with smaller ones, luckily for me I knew someone who worked at Dillards and they informed me of a sale.  I was able to buy a few new XL shirts and a pair of size 38 pants for a decent price.  This may not seem like anything too awesome but I had not been able to fit into a size 38 pants since I was 14 and I was popping out of my XXl shirts just a few months earlier.

A few nights ago…


Dillards was having another sale!!!  I was reluctant at first but as soon I walked into the store I was like a fat guy walking into a bakery (No serious, I love bakeries!!!!).

Dillards had Daniel Cremieux shirts and pants on sale for $10!!!!  Holy crap!!  These shirts are usually $85 and the pants $120 and they’re my favorite brand of clothes.  I indulged and I bought 5 shirts and 5 pants for the grand total of $100.  I seriously hit the freaking jackpot!  I decided to commit and I bought all size 38 pants and 3 large shirts and 2 xl shirts.

I bought the large shirts as incentive and they looked much nicer.  I tried one on this morning and I fit into the large comfortably and I was able to wear it all day long.  Milestone for me as I have not fit into a large shirt in who knows how long.  I will have to post a picture of my nice wardrobe when I wear them.

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