Saturday Morning Weigh in #5

Hello all my scalewrestling maniacs! Are you ready to rumble?!!! I sure hope so cause today I weighed in and the results are in!  Before we get to that I … Continue Reading →


You’re not going to die…

If you are hungry!    When I was in my final year of graduate school I was able to work with an incredible woman who supervised my 500 practicum hours. … Continue Reading →

weigh in

Saturday Morning Weigh in # 4

As you read in the last post I struggled staying focused and making the right choices.  This has really hurt me on the scale and today I am facing the … Continue Reading →

Choose the Right


Hello my scalewrestling fans and supporters!   So i’ve been missing in action for the last two weeks and I have to update you all on what’s been going on. … Continue Reading →


Saturday Morning Weigh in #3

Hello everyone!  Twas a great week and it really showed on the scale. Unfortunately, I was not able to get a lot of exercise in but I stayed on a … Continue Reading →


Saturday Weigh In 2

Hello everyone!! I have worked really hard this week!  I’ve counted my calories and worked out almost everyday.  Here is a list of the physical activities I’ve done: 1)  Rode … Continue Reading →


New clothes

Hey everyone! I, like most guys, really hate clothes shopping.  As a matter of fact, I loathe clothes shopping!  There are two reasons for my hatred of buying clothes.   … Continue Reading →

Low calorie and filling

A week of calorie counting.

Counting calories is a tedious yet fun for some strange reason. (I wrote and highlighted this phrase because it’s ridiculous.) Let me explain… Calorie counting can be fun because it … Continue Reading →

Our walk tonight

Lose Weight By Moving Around

Welcome back to my weight loss blog!    I previously posted about the importance of counting calories and how you must maintain an allotted number of calories.  I firmly believe … Continue Reading →

Weigh in number 1

Saturday Morning Weigh in 1

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to my weight loss blog!   So I took the scale I just bought and I replaced it with a different and way better scale!  I … Continue Reading →

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