Cartoon Mental Health

Mental Health and Weight Loss

Welcome back to my weight loss blog!  Thanks for checking it out. People and their behaviors have always fascinated me, I remember watching and analyzing all of my high school … Continue Reading →

First weigh in on new scale.

Time for the official weigh in!

Hello everyone!  Guess what I got in the mail today… The new scale!  The scale arrived safe and sound and I took it out of the box.  It also came … Continue Reading →

gain weight cheese cake

Day one of losing weight and counting calories.

Hey everyone, I started the journey all over again today.  I have officially finished my first day of healthy living and counting calories. Let me tell you what I had: … Continue Reading →

Ready to count calories.

Lose weight by counting calories

Every great competitor must train before their weigh in and match.  I am no exception, I am ready to begin my training.  As of tomorrow I will be on a … Continue Reading →

My new bike!

How to lose weight.

Since I’ve already lost a lot of weight I have a pretty good idea how to lose weight.  I need to take a minute and remind myself so I am … Continue Reading →

The Scale gave up the its ghost.

My first weight loss blog

It’s time to start an actual weight loss blog to track my progress. In August of 2012 I stood in front of the mirror and took a deep look at … Continue Reading →

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