A week of calorie counting.

Counting calories is a tedious yet fun for some strange reason.

(I wrote and highlighted this phrase because it’s ridiculous.)

Let me explain…

Calorie counting can be fun because it gives me control and a challenge, how much can I eat without going over the allotted calories?  Of course with the fun part it can be horrible because I am constantly hungry and it’s annoying!!!!!! Annoying annoying annoying!!!  It’s annoying because I have to limit myself and the human body does not want to have limited anything, it goes against the natural man.

I have two rules for counting, If I want to eat a food, I cannot deny that food.  If I do then I end up craving the food all day and I graze at night. Also, if I eat something I must count it, all of it (no cheating).  For example: I love chocolate chips!  So I eat them and I count them.  1 tablespoon = 70 kcal. 1 handful = 5 tablespoons = 350 kcal.  Oh how quickly the calories count up.  Here’s the fun part, if I eat the chocolate chips then I have to compensate for those calories and that’s where broccoli comes in.   A cup of broccoli = 20 cals and it fills you up!

Even with the broccoli a fat guy like me is going to get hungry and I must always remember. I will not die if I am a little hungry! This is where I must look at my goal and my inspiration for weight loss.  Here is one of my inspirations, the other is this little guy’s mother.  :)

My Little Inspiration

My Little Inspiration

If you would like to see a little more of him check out this youtube video.  


After my first week I have realized a couple of things.

1) I love my family

2) counting calories is hard but it’s worth it

3) I am working towards a healthier me

When I first started counting I needed inspiration and menu ideas.  If you would like a menu idea please download MYFITNESSPAL and add me as your friend.  My name is scalewrestling, you can see everything I eat and get some good ideas.


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  • LexisJane says:

    Good job Tim! I am also starting my crazy weight loss journey as well. I had back surgery two weeks ago and am taking two months off to focus on myself and get inshape and slim down. I am still healing from surgery so I can’t do the fitness side of things but I have started the nutrition side. I joined weight watchers and have come to realize I do not eat enough and so my metabolism is terrible. Hoping to change that and change myself in the process. Time to focus on myself, something I haven’t done in a long time, if ever. Good luck on your journey! I will be watching and cheering you on.

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